29.7.2020 - A link to my website about the Laminas 2700 dish has been added to the horizontal menu

3.6.2020 - Publication of the source code of the first test program

In the "Download" menu you will find the first test version of the program to verify the functionality of the designed device.

23.5.2020 -  Software equipment

I started designing the first test program. I use the web server node.js and a common web browser supporting javascript is used for control. Unfortunately, it soon became apparent that IE11 was not keeping up with this technology. I switched to Chrome and used it to test my first software attempts.

20.5.2020 - What about Superjack? Version for two traction motors
20.5.2020 - Printed circuit board design, practical design

14.5.2020 - Supporting structure for EGIS positioner

Description of the mast on which I will place the EGIS positioner. The construction is experimental and only time will tell if it can withstand adverse weather conditions, especially wind gusts. I'm going to attach a Polish Laminas 2700 antenna to the positioner. According to the technical data in the documentation, Egis should be able to handle it.

6.5.2020 - HW solution design

I published my proposal for the technical solution of the new control unit. Using a Raspberry Pi 3 computer seems to be economically acceptable. The additional interface is simple and can be manufactured at home. Maybe it will inspire someone.

14.4.2020 - Creating this website.

The reason was an attempt to collect relevant technical data on the EGIS shooting device in one place. On the one hand, Egis is considered a kind of "golden grail" of positioners, as evidenced by advertisements of people who are still trying to buy it. On the other hand, it is true that this device has become considerably morally obsolete over the years and its applicability in its original version is diplomatically debatable. I did not find much really technically valuable information on the net about practical use in terms of connection, commissioning and location. When I became the owner of the EGIS positioner, it soon became clear that nothing was what it seemed at first glance. And so the story began to unfold, which will appeal to enthusiasts in the field. And that's why I decided to publish it.